Compass South Appraisals is a division of Compass South, Inc. and headed by Travis Lee Avant, one of the founders of Compass South. Working with Travis is a team of appraisers, appraiser apprentices, Registered Foresters, forester technicians, and support staff, located through the region and linked by an extensive, cloud-based proprietary system that allows for strong internal controls on the quality and consistency of our appraisal reports. Each of our associate appraisers is required to have at least an undergraduate degree in an appropriate field, such as economics or business, and encouraged to specialize in areas that fit our client demands and business model.

As a growing firm, we are always interested in recruiting people with a background in forestry, business, or economics to join us as appraiser associates or train with us to become a licensed appraiser. We look for those who have an interest in approaching appraisal as a rigorous profession based on a clear understanding of analytical reasoning and expression as well as a willingness to relocate, if necessary, to areas where demand for our services is strong or has the early potential for growth.