We tend to find our clients in six main categories: banks, investors, TIMOs/REITs, attorneys, conservation groups and, of course, property owners.

For banking clients we primarily provide appraisals for loan underwriting and asset review purposes. Such clients range all across the board, from the very largest, such as Bank of America and Wells Fargo, to regional leaders, such as Farm Credit, South Carolina Bank & Trust, First Citizens Bank and Ameris Bank, to the community banks of our area, such as Palmetto State Bank and Enterprise Bank.

The attorneys we deal with use our appraisals for a wide variety of purposes but most often for trust and estate purposes, such as determining probate values. Those clients range from some of the largest in South Carolina, through a wide range of medium-sized firms, to sole practitioners in small country towns.

One area that we have tended to specialize in is the valuation of property intended to be placed under a conservation easement for federal income tax purposes. In these cases we work closely with the landowner and the conservation group to develop a valuation that fully meets the needs of those parties but also complies with the various regulations and strictures imposed by the Internal Revenue Service. Representative groups that we have dealt with in this context include: Ducks Unlimited, Lowcountry Open Land Trust and the Nature Conservancy.

Our final category of client is the landowner. Here again, we deal with a wide variety of owners, ranging from TIMOs (Timber Investment Management Organizations) with hundreds of thousands, if not millions of acres under their control, such as Timber Investment Resources, Forestland Group and Timbervest, to leading professional trustees, such as U.S. Trust, and down to individual landowners, whether they own tens of thousands of acres or simply the back forty. These disparate owners need appraisals for a wide variety of reasons but most frequently in connection with a proposed acquisition or sale.